the big four bliss & distraught

Hi. My name is Jack Frost. We're gonna have a little fun.

Frozen with Frost


Here another WIP  this time of Jack. Inspired by thissongI was debating of either giving him a smirk or a serious face ahhh~ Ill figure it out later. Part four of the series.


I can feel it in my belly!!


saucysquid answered: Draw a yeti.

Jack quit it with the excuses, Phil is 1000% done with you.

(you guys want to talk about fur texture?  oh MAN was this fun!)


Four seasons of Jack!
crappy chibi concept for a painting I’m drawing. 

I also saw that Ion had made something similar to this after I started to draw it, but.. I hope it’s okay for her anyway ;A; 


Messing around with doing illustrative sketches for a fanfic I’m working on.


I love you guys~~~~


Tooth and Jack looks so much like his parents when they’re young omfghjas ffffuu- 

Here is both of them in Norwegian traditional clothing (I wanted to look more into of the clothing from Norway because of Frozen.) I think they would make great Godparents for Elsa and Anna~ Eeeeee <3 Listened to the intro for Frozen. There’s a chance out of 10000839283 that I will write a short fic of Elsa and Anna being handed over to Tooth and Jack after their parents died.